Opening of second playing field

posted 23 Aug 2015, 15:00 by Newcestown Gaa   [ updated 27 Aug 2015, 06:28 ]
Today was an historic day for the club. The second playing field was officially opened by our club president Chris Murray. While it rained almost everywhere else, the sun shone on Newcestown for the event. 

From the facebook page of Murragh Templemartin

The sun shone on Newcestown yesterday when the parish prayed a blessing on the new GAA pitch. Earlier, at the 10.30 Mass, the holy water for the ceremony had been prepared, and everyone prayed for those who would use the pitch in years to come. The sunshine that resulted from the parish prayers was a bonus. 
During the ceremony four representatives of the youth of the parish ran to the four corners of the new pitch and poured out the Holy Water there: Carlos O’Mahony, Olan Walsh, Seamus O’Sullivan and Liam O Donnchadha. Fr Bernard also said prayers, assisted by Monsignor Kevin, and altar servers Grace Ryan and Darragh McSweeney.

Living God,
May the place we dedicate today build up humanity, community and health among the people of this parish of Murragh & Templemartin.
May the competitions, games and contests played here encourage friendship and achievement, not recrimination or bitterness.
May the events to be scheduled and prepared for here bring us together rather than keeping us apart.
May we strive always for the prize that lasts, the eternal prize
May our leisure and recreation play its part in building your kingdom of love and joy.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. AMEN.