Community Festival

posted 15 Apr 2013, 08:14 by Jerry O'Mahony   [ updated 15 Apr 2013, 08:15 ]
As part of The Gathering, a community festival will take place in Newcestown on the weekend of August 24th/25th.

Newcestown was founded in 1613 and this year is the 400th anniversary. This milestone will be commemorated during the festival. An initial meeting, chaired by the GAA, took place on Friday 12 April to which representatives from community and sport groups were invited.

Initial proposals are for an opening ceremony on the Friday evening followed by events on Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. A follow on meeting will take place shortly to progress the planning. If there is anyone who wasn't at the initial meeting who would like to be involved in the festival please contact any member of the GAA Social Committee (Aidan O' Rourke, Timmy Twomey, Gerard O' Donovan, Jerome Kelleher).

As many from Newcestown live elsewhere in Ireland and abroad, it is hoped that this event will be an opportunity for them to rekindle links with the place and its people.

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More information will be added to The Gathering page as the planning progresses.